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  1. haaa that sounds kind of complicated ;D
    but well it does not matter, but make sure to cheer for germany too ;D when is it actually?
  2. Nuh, I've left Ireland to London before I am a British and Irish Citizen. I also am able to get Icelandic citizenship if I ever want to apply. For my grandfather was born in Iceland and so was my father. .-. I feel as though my life will always be on an island.. I've never EVER! seen a flood before so it's pretty safe. And I will be sure to have lots of fun! *_*
  3. no kidding? how old are u? 16? u never left ireland before but for the contest yeah that is very nice from u waaah then i would say, have much fun DDD
  4. No sadly I cannot remember the name and I'm going FOR the contest ;D! Euroclub and everything! Drinking age is 16 in Baku so.. we'll see what happens XD I won't get like drunk but you know.. If a drink slides my way I hope to have my first there! ;D I really don't like the german eurovision entry.. but i'll still yell out for Germany in the arena cause i'll be yelling for everyone! ;D ILL BE THE ONE WHO ALWAYS SCREAMS! That one girl thats like "AAAAAAAH" at every part of the contest *-*
  5. waaah really? say, can u remember the name?
    haha well okey, i was mainly in european countries, but when then at my relatives' houses or class trips
    baku?! why baku? and where is it? not because of the eurovision or something like than.. i strangely connect baku with that festival =?
    ohh okey i know what u mean, that will be fnew for me too, even though i'm excited to see some
  6. OOH SRI LANKA! There was a reality show like awhile back called the 3 princes or whatever and one was a queer prince from Sri Lanka! He didn't find love.. mm.. BORN AND RAISED IN IRELAND, Never gone anywhere else.. i'm stuck in the British and Irish isles! D: THOUGH I am going to Baku soon! It will be my first time on mainland.. so It's gonna be fun not being on an island xD Also scary.. because i've never in my life ever seen a snake.. because the only ones in Ireland are in zoos.. so it will be scary to see these new beasts!
  7. my parents are fom sri lanka, but i'm born in germany and u are from ireland ight?
    waaah. i'm looking forward, nope actually i like yaoi very much u too? which is ur favorite?
    haha than i'm relieved ;D
  8. ! What's your home country? And omg it was hot guys.. Chara Cafe Relish ni Oide Manga - Read Chara Cafe Relish ni Oide Online at Hope yaoi doesn't bother you.. rofl! A place like this would bankrupt me.. Yes the mask was effective it was just a normal egg mask to make my face less oily.. xD And to make my skin really soft.
  9. well a bit sleepy but just one day left till i have holidays
    all male maid cafe ? which manga was it? hopefully hot guys yeah i know what u mean i want one too
    haha cool was the face mask at least effective? well i wote u when i was in school so there is not much going on but well i'm joyful because i will fly to my homecounty on monday
  10. *-* Not much.. how are you? I just read a manga about a all-male maid cafe.. I WANT A MAID CAFE IN DUBLIN.. Don't I deserve one (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ !!! I am just.. prime business target.. Someone needs to make money off me and all the ladies in Ireland! Anything exciting going on in your life? I can barely see what i'm typing right now sorry if it makes no sense I have a face mask on O_O.. It's all blurry!
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