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  1. My friends call me either Dodge or well my name is long lol but i refer Dodge or phoenix. and will call you Jess moving forward. hope everything will turn out better.
  2. *hugs back* thanks..and you can call me Jess ^_^, all meh buddies do =/
  3. sorry to hear that Aio, really am. **hugs** hope all becomes better.
  4. My long weekend....well could've been family is falling apart..-.-
  5. long weekend? what's up girlie? me if it's not raining too hard am hitting the beach again if not i'll stay at home and teach my son to use photoshop lol
  6. hey you too, i have a long weekend coming up ;D it'll be fun ^.^
  7. ohio ! Aio! how are you today? i hope you have a great weekend.
  8. hey i hope the prob is better i know it sounds lame but sorry to hear that
  9. my weekend was pretty good how about you? ^^, well i had some problems but w/e
  10. ohio Aoira!!! how was your weekend ? hope all is well hope to talk to you soon.
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