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  1. mmm dunno i had to move it back till he is ready i dont want to be the cause of his pressure
  2. aww ive been fine hehe thanks for asking hows your wedding plans going? much planed?
  3. just dropping by Ms Irish Fairy ^__^. how have you been?
  4. omg ur gettin married soon!! !
  5. yea! but im sure itll be an amazin day i so cant wait till i even get engaged lmao
  6. yep around december am going crazy organizing everything good thing my mom's around
  7. hehe so whens the wedding? any dates planed
  8. lmao i know it's not working i keep trying to decline someone but they're still on my message thingy
  9. hiya!!omgcongrats!!!im-so-happy-for-u-(btw-my-space-bar-isnt-working-lol)
  10. -squeals- I missed you a lot .... hope you log in some time ^_^ Am getting married ^_^
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