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  1. I miss you too, mija. ^^
  2. awww so sorry Rach..turtle does misses you.....lols...well i hope the internet perv leaves you alone
  3. Yes I miss you. Haven't been on for reasons about this dude that wont leave me alone. I had to change Everything. He's like, an internet perv..and he's here. =/ Ew. Hope he gets kicked off the edge of the earth.
  4. OMG is it true could it really be turtle's princess...lols me missed yah lots sorry was not able to go on your site much........
  5. Yaysss. !
    I knoww(:
    Thankss Saradear(:
  6. well at least he still talks to you............maybe he just needs to think dont worry so much pretty lady............................
  7. Oh My Gosh.!
    He stopped me in the hallway and said hi, was about to walk off, came back and started talking to me(:
    Then I teased him &+ told him to go home. Ha.
    I guess he juss had stuff on his mind(:
  8. awww, doesn't he
    try to keep in contact with you?
  9. I miss my boyfriendd .
    Well now Ex.
  10. it's okay i totally like understand, well hope your week goes by without any hitches
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