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  1. hey oscar the grouch!!!! lols!!!! you in ninja mode again?
  2. lol, well then all you can do is your best then.. :P
  3. been trying to stay out of trouble lols........apparently harder to do though Kogs.
  4. They were good, how about yours ? well have you been staying out of trouble o.O xD
  5. KOgs!!! hope your holidays was great.......lols yeah i had plenty of sugar and trying to stay out of trouble....
  6. lol yah he gave me the 411 on it. ************************************************** **
  7. lol the drama 411 o.o
  8. koolies and beenstaying away from drama for the past like months.......if jake and the others didn't tell me i wouldn't be
  9. Finally no drama for you ! congrats lol , me ? na nothing bothersome its all good
  10. or they are being too nice lol.....just at least been quiet by my end no drama so far.... you?
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