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  1. nE koGS GOOD MORNING!!!uhmmm *****************have you talked to Jake yet?
  2. well you stopped talking to me all together all of a sudden so i just wanted to ask if i said something wrong
  3. Lol no you didn't,Why would you think that ?
  4. Ne kogs did i do something wrong?*************or anything wrong?
  5. lol im still around sara, and ill be on more or try to be ;p
  6. Ne Mister kogs!!!! please come back? I miss the friend who is grouchy and well tells me i did something stupid when i did...................................
  7. Kasumi >>> but am not online now am still at work i will go online this week end
  8. Ah whats your name there ??? And sorry kinda hard to type lol
  9. you told me to go to terlach i think.........or soemthing like that
  10. Which sever you join up on ???
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