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  1. lol ,can't differ on the bear thingy (not the animal!!!!) but i can peacefully come online for ... today!!
  2. am okay i guess lol .....and bearing with life as well lol like every one else but over all can't complain at least my situations is good..... hehehehe...
  3. Yeah it's been very crappy busy lately but i guess that's life anyways how r u doing?
    P.S: LG airconditions are the best :P hehehe
  4. yup that it has been what have you been upto LG ?****been busy i guess
  5. Hi ,long time no chat ...
  6. Hey LG!!! it's okay lol the rp ahd to end low posting so i we had to put an epilogue or just let it go inactive.. missed talking to you though lol
  7. Hi ,At last i'm back after whole fifteen days on not being online! and boo to you too lolz!
  8. Hey LG!!!!! just dropped by to say boo!! lol
  9. Hope you every last problem is to be solved and we can't help but get problems ,life for you lol
  10. i understand that i may ask the others to take over for me for a while since i am going through some pretty tough stuff at home.
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