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  1. im glad to hear that ^^ lol and yah me and Z are doing just fine we've been together for 11 months it's kinda cool.... but how are you doing..?
  2. it was okay it was a blast for me since it was a long time off from work.giggles..... i hope you and Z are doing okay...... i don't talk to you guys much these past few months....
  3. hello ^^ it's been a while how have u been?...and yah for the most part they did it was nice to have the time off... how was ur holidays?
  4. Lady Mere!!!! i hope your holidays went great!!!! just dropped by ....
  5. that's good but where would you be if not in the us..?
  6. well i know i got the post . lol and my boss frickin hates the idea. but it may not be in the us like i hoped
  7. yah and how did that go.... did u get a transfer..?
  8. am okay. been busy since i requested a transfer......
  9. yah it has been quite some time hasn't it ^^ im doing alright i suppose thanks for asking.. and how have u been doing lately..?
  10. Mere!!!! have not talked to you in like ages lol how are you Lady Mere?
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