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  1. Yes that is me lol. why you ask?******************************
  2. is that really youI mean the pic at friendster is that really you heheh?
  3. what is your name at ym I think I've already add you hehehehehehehehe
  4. it's [email protected] i think its on my profile here lol............................................... .
  5. hi pheonix sara do you have friendster or Ym? please add me here is my friendster. "[email protected]
  6. hey do you have a friendster or ym? here is my friendster add me [email protected]
  7. hahaah I realy thought I would win last mont POTM but you win congratulation ahahaha but I am hoping that I gonna win this month I wish.
  8. no prob with me lol am flattered you like it thank you***********
  9. I've read your poem and I was been amaze I want to be your friend can I?
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