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  1. Boooooooooo back :P

    Yeah, my day is going well. Just got home from work. Now I can relax a little.
  2. Hey Sazz just dropping by to say boo giggles and hope this makes you smile a bit and well hope your daywent well .....
  3. no worries, glad to help. Its great to see you happy ^___^
  4. twirls around sees if i can dance...thanks for the advise last time we spoke is it obvious ...i am just happy for once at least....giggles
  5. He is like a deaf like person i have met.... love for teens obviously this person has not fallen in love and this is me just ranting.
  6. lol so true ..... i told him to stay away from the girl and the guy who tried to break us up. he said as long as i knew the truth and felt that our relationship is real then that is the only thing that counts....funny thing.... the girl thinks she owns him (giggles) no one owns hard since it's a long distance thing....
  7. Ohh I have someone who does that too. At work, this 30 or so year old, keeps trying to change my mind about being with my bf. I've only the colleague for about a year, and been with my bf for over 2 years now. It just does my head in when people think they understand but they really don't.

    Well if you want to chat, you can find my email accounts on my info.
  8. hahahha!!! well i also have my moments specially since lately ...someone has been trying to break me up with my someone special but i don't get it he's always so....hmmm well weird... but i do miss talking to you and the others in the chat....
  9. he always been that depressing and it kind of gets on my nerves that people just help themselves and expects everyone else to do it for them.
  10. Sazzz it's been like forever talking to you!!! and thanks for that posty thingy on that guy thing a while ago..........not my place but was itching to bite his head off.... giggles i know not my place but thanks
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