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  1. Thanks, the pic is from the game Dead Space, my brother and I are trying to make a funny movie out of it called "Isiics mind" we got the idea of doing this after watching something similer with Half-life on youtube. Problem is our computer is a piece of crap and it will not accept the movie. Oh well.
  2. Your siggy says you demand waffles??? lols..............Ne scourge funny sig
  3. Going home? Where are you at now I wonder? Well as long as life is treating you alright thats all that matters.
  4. Nm just wrapping up things and gettin readyto go home.............................................. ..........
  5. Nice to see you again Phoenix giggly Sara. :P
    It mite have well been in forever sense the last we spoke. So whats going on?
  6. Scourge!!!!!!! giggles how are you????? just dropped by seems like forever since we last talked.
  7. Well thats good, it's the best way to move on and keep going with life.
  8. well am trying lol..... keeping myself busy mostly.
  9. So how is everything going with you, better I hope.
  10. I'm doing alright, but I am sorry to hear that you are depressed, if you ever wish to talk about it or what ever you can PM me.
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