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  1. lol nope not married. lol though i cancelled the wedding coz the guy is freaking out. told him to think what he really wants
  2. Congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aats!

    *wonders if you already got married after being away for so long*
  3. lols ne... should i call you sensei again? hehehe... just kidding just dropping by -waves- dropped by to say hi again and -squeels- am getting married on december
  4. sounds cool i do
    miss talking to
    everyone been like busy with work though
  5. I need to pop up more often. Working on an anime convention in good old Quebec City in October called ''Cape & Kimono''.
  6. -giggles- surprise just dropped by hope your doing well and yea long time no visit
  7. I has no clue what to write on your profile page, though here is my random note due to the fact that you wrote on mine:

  8. Lol i still find it funny that peeps react to the things I put on the profile page
  9. thanks on the comment on my entry on potm i will try to make better poems ....
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