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  1. ha ! i think someone just got jealous........... yikes lol now you have me in trouble
  2. lol just kidding. hey my boss got soem work for me to im not sure if ill be back but it was fun talking to ya honey buns lol phoenix. have a great day
  3. now why do you wish i wasn't kidding about what ? lol...............
  4. well that good and thanks. sometimes i be pretty busy at home and work where i dont have time to be online im thankful i have time today .

    cough*strykerwishshewasntkidding*cough XD
  5. am feeling better thanks a bunch . smile. lol........flirt ! ( just kidding) but glad to see you're online a lot lately
  6. Aw im very sorry to hear that I hope you get better. Speaking of being sick I had to take a day off last week i had a headache and congested on wednesday my headache gone but im still congested. lucky i dont work on thurs and fri.
    Ill pray for you
  7. someone might just take you seriously on that lol ................. am at work and just got back in today spent a few days in bed ( got sick )
  8. hey honey buns lol anyway whats up *********************
  9. hey pm me when you get online********************************
  10. as a matter of fact i didnt but i will when i get time now i got some work to do see ya later buh bye
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