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  1. Well you can't help but care ...nothing wrong with that the guy that i just recently had closure with recently well......we're not together any more but i still care......
  2. Well, I ended up breaking it with my girl. Gave her the reasons why and all that. She felt bad for making me feel the way I did, but it wasn't her fault.
    It's just what happens when people grow apart. *shrug* Still give a damn and wish her the best though.
  3. lol you just grabbed my chara's you made her all confused.................okay she pulled away and have to get clothes for you.................
  4. lols
    well am a bit of a an insomniac where work is concerned.
  5. I'm an insomniac. Well at least til after midnight.
  6. you're still awake lols what up huh...............
  7. I noticed. You could do a lot with illusion making powers. The only limit being the imagination.
  8. coolies at least you have plans sometime soon. giggles and i think you just confused tokini with your power she double posted lols
  9. If all else goes well, I got some road trips to plan out.
  10. awww . hope that your situation gets better though......i know it's hard not to talk to someone you care about a lot
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