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  1. no im not mad thats silly y would i be?
  2. Z!!!!! you mad at me or something? you're okay
  3. Z!!!! check my new siggy lol........sorry am excited...........i like eliza dushku
  4. nothing but im online alot just no real reason to go to here or AW anymore
  5. you're online lol>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>what ya been upto huh?
  6. yes i did and shes good im sure shel be happy to hear from u too
  7. lol my bad sorry dude...... lmao awww you missed me ... how's mere anyways
  8. and i blame you lol u shoulda called or messaged me
  9. :P hmph not talking to me a long time is makin you zonkers
  10. >.> ummm i knew that lol i was just testin ya lol yea keepin you on your toes.....good job
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