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  1. ZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! missed you much and i don't catch you online ne more hmph
  2. lol that almost done surprise me lol but im glad you had fun
  3. i slept over the weekend and when i came home from br hopping or dancing well i was kinda tired and i think i drank too much maragritas and tequila so i was totally zonked out.... and slept soon as i finished cleaning up
  4. >.> y not silly lol
  5. ZZZZ!!! what you been upto huh? lol i still have not signed up for that online game you and koga are on...
  6. *sighs* thats sara always working lol well finish up soon ok
  7. overtime i know i should be heding home but i have a prob to fix
  8. lol sily sara yes i missed you and im just chatin how ya been
  9. Z!!!!****tag !!!! lol what you upto today huh? hugs , did ya miss me ? lol
  10. well just take your time dear theres no rush and pick your own lol never get a hook up
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