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  1. Basically, you can ask me everything. Anyway, nah, I ain't a teacher nor have I feelings for one. Hell, I'm not even outta school yet. But not long ... >_<
    And seriously I can't think of anything I would like to be less than a teacher. Especially at our school. So I don't see myself as a teacher in the future.
    I just found it funny that you said not even you would do that. Like, you fall in love so easily or something. Or you tend to do stupid things?! :P
  2. eh?? i won't really do it..why, have you fallen in love with your teacher?? and btw, even if i had/or will have feelings for a teacher..I'll do everything to restrain myself haha, besides it's not even in my nature..uhm..can i ask you something?..don't tell me you are a teacher?? o_O
  3. [...]but falling in love with a teacher?? i think is forbidden and even I won't do that..o_O

    Hehe ... Why are you emphasizing that not even you'd do that?
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