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  1. Aww thats ok and i understand but there is a after story when this one is finished so it isnt over just yet tho :P.

    But that avatar really caught my eye i swear it looks familiar.. so you dont know who it is or anything? thats ok just wonderind btw nice pick on it its very cute lol.
    What made you decide to come to anime online?
  2. oh wow really? thats awesome ! ^^
    well im not that far into it yet im only on ep. 19, but its k
    i dont really wanna finish this anime that quickly ._.

    uhhh actually i have no idea lolz, i thought it was a cute avatar,
    so i used it. xD

  3. aww you watch clannad too? awesome i love that anime how far you get? aww if your havent gotten to far in it you need to get to the OVA you have to watch it its so great. it is the mai character and Tomoya the girl with the gray hair she kicks his friend alot? yah they love eachother in this one you have toooo watch it its soooo GOOD!!! i nearly cried... it was that good too. :P but nice tho pokie Huh??? ha ha pokes lol :P too funny. hey that display pic looks very awkwardly familiar??? idk y i said awkward it just feels that way lol.
  4. no actually i said that because i poked you. =]
    i got my name from well what i call my bf ^^;; hehe (pokie)
    umm yeah actually, i watch clannad, did you ever hear about it?
    its soo awesomeee !
    my fave character is fuuko (sp?)
    and hbu any new animes as of now?

    *pokes* x]
  5. Pokes? whats that about? like to pokie pokie girl? aww i see lol
    ha ha ha me understand the name now. Anyway nice to meet ya
    Just chillinh ay?
    nice me doing the same. Watch any new animes as of late?
  6. *pokes*

    elloo =)
    thanks for being the first to talk to me.
    ummm nothing much just chilling hbu?
  7. He he me gets to leave the first message wow this is cool. so what are you up too :P/
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