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  1. Do writers make much money? Thats the real question. Maybe you should become a hair stylist instead.
  2. Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the hair. My hair has always been...yeah. I like having shaggy hair, and when I get it short, I hate it.
    And I'll post here more, and advertise on the other site to help.
    And me being a history major helps me be a writer, because I'm a fantasy writer, and knowing history sort of helps me with making a fictional world of my own, you know?
  3. Well this forum is special to me, even though it's gone way way down hill lately.

    So if you are a writer + history major = History text book writer $$$ ? Never heard of Youmacon, thats pretty great to be related to the governor.

    As for me, I always have some troubles, like today I got my hair cut. The lady made me wait 30 minutes past my appointment time, then she cut my hair in a rush, and I'm not really that happy with it. I suppose its ok. Its so hard to find good people to cut your hair. I think I'm going to learn to cut my own hair.
  4. I meant...I mean...nothing. On the forums I frequent, Mods don't stay around that long.
    Things are going fine. I'm now a writer, and I'm a history major at college, I went to Youmacon 2010, aaaand my great uncle is now the governor of alabama xD
    How have things been for you? I remember you having trouble with some stuff the last time i was online.
  5. What do you mean by still a mod?! lol Hows things going for you?
  6. Wow, still a mod. xD
    I need to stop appearing on this site once every few months....and by that I mean, I need to be more active.
  7. I'm around, just watching mostly instead of posting.
  8. You havent been on in a while (or at least posted). You sort of trying staying away from the hackers?
  9. Thanz for telling me the gallery works on my profile
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