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  1. Yeah, I like to welcome new members because they should feel welcome. They shouldn't feel like the don't belong here so I try to welcome as many people as I can when I have the time.

    It's not too hectic at the moment, thank goodness. I'm sure that will change soon but I will enjoy the peace while I still have it. I hope everything is well with you, too.
  2. you too to think lol you were one of the few peeps who said hi to me when i joined...... hope all is well with you and not so hectic..
  3. Oh hey! Yeah, I have a horrible habit of doing this. I just get so rapped up in work and such that I forget to come to this place and once I do check back here I find that almost 3 weeks have passed. I really need to work on this. But it's good to see you again!
  4. hi long time no see no talk no talk...........just dropped by to say hi
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