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  1. The last week of school is always the slowest. When the last day comes, I'm always counting the minutes so that just makes it slower. lol

    I hate the last few weeks too because it seems like teachers give you extra work on the last two weeks. One of mine gave us 3 projects to do in one week. That was combined with all the other crap my three other teachers were giving me. To put it simply I was not a happy camper.
  2. lol yea i missed you out there and i got a week left of school -_- long week
  3. Well, it's finally summer vacation where I'm at. So far I have been working for my dad but I've finally been able to escape. Now I'm just surfing the web watching videos and catching up on the forums here.
  4. lol i havent iv been good and just chillin as usual lol so wats up
  5. Yeah, I know. I have been really busy with work so it's kept me from visiting. Anyway, I've been fine. You?
  6. hey i havent talked to you in a while how you been
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