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  1. link me to your fb or add me on fb Thanx oh ya phone don't work? sorry to hear that ttyl
  2. sorry you could not get through i live in a dead zone XD but if you want i can give you an email and my fb so we can talk there when the phone isn't working.
  3. i'm doing ok an u? hope you had good x-mas i had long weekend on x-mas. i tired callin ya your phone working? ttyl
  4. chris, sup sorry ive not contacted u in a while. been busy

    so how are you? did you move yet? lmk ttyl
  5. where ya lookin to move to? i see. i am doing good

    yea, ttyl Chris
  6. i am looking to move and i have no time for anything else hardly. and talk to you later as well.
  7. distracted by what? oh ok i see now what that is. interesting

    well, nm else going on Just chillin TTyl Chris =)
  8. sorry for the late reply, whats a gimp? how have you been?

    i'm doing ok just chillin at home ttyl Chris :3
  9. hiya, how have you been? sorry for all late replies been busy

    chillin at home an watching tv an Youtube ttyl Chris =3
  10. i'm doing ok. n.p no worries hope you have a good weekend

    Take Care. ttyl =3
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