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  1. idk it's just habit why? so what do you look for in a gf? one thing about me, is i can't an do not want kids, i do not do submissive, or BDSM i like anime. an i am bipolar. i've been thoru alot of relationships an they all seem to fail i have no idea what i am doing wrong? i just wanna be loved an be accepted for who i am so how are you today? TTYl Chris =3
  2. everything is good. just relaxing watching tv ttyl Chris =3
  3. would i work as a someone? how's your weekend so far? mines ok

    well ttyl night dude =3
  4. oh ok n.p i just figured you weren't ready to date again, cause of some past issues with gf's

    sorry for any misunderstandings ttys :3 peace
  5. ok.. why is there some iusses in the past? but i shall take your word for it

    it's just.. idk yea i will cya later gator =}
  6. why would anybody be hurt? uh oh be careful ttyl Chris

    hope you have a good weekend =3
  7. huh? chicke of the darK? ok an yea i guess it is.

    are you single? just curious i've been throu some rocky relationships, no one seems to stay with me long idk why i am a fun an nice person i try. you stub ya toe? ow. i bang into stuf all the time lolz TTYl Chris =3
  8. wow 0_o your older then me lolz i'm 38 yrs old

    how are you today? been doing good, ran errands today i am exausted. well ttyl =3
  9. guess not thanx for the friend request how old r you? nice to meet ya

    =3 hope to chat soon
  10. yeah that sounds cool my name is Chris male and it would be cool to be friends im surprised we did not meet before now though.
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