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  1. thanx.

    i'm doin okie. as for life, nm to say about it

    i am who i am and i am alive cya soon
  2. n.p yes Raven is my real name, i have nothing to hide

    i am doing good. what have ya been up to? well reply soon take care Friends, Raven
  3. call me? whata mean Raven is my name.

    i am good. an u? hw r ya write again soon.
  4. cool. yea hate when ppl talk about religion an then say stuf it's movating

    i need to hear it" b.s i need to hear it. XD buncha crazy shit man. yea nice to meet ya Koichi hope to talk more soon
    Peace an Love and Darkness. Friends, Raven.
  5. Yes, I did read it.
    No, I'm not religious, although I'm interested in the myths the different religions have.
    But I don't like people who always talk about god and such stuff. It's getting on my nerves.

    May I ask how old you are? Have a nice day. ^^
  6. okie. but did you read my "about "me stuff?

    well glad you liked my pic thanx. you ain' religlous r ya? cause religion scares me, also i am not a teen

    i am an adult an older. so have a good one :3
  7. i see you visited my profile, see anything ya like?

    leave a visitor message an talk to you soon.
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