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  1. you love the library ay cool ik of live action drama of sailormoon called Pretty Guardian Sailormoon

    It's pretty good too well at least ya got da lawn done i still need to vac my living room ttyl Ranma
  2. Kdrama? interesting idk know the name of site you were talking about my memory sucks Lolz

    i'm doing alright, how you been? TTYL Ranma
  3. whats the name of the other anime forum? link me to it how you been? i'm okie just relaxing

    i found some new anime to watch, one's called My" Otome" it's pretty good so far TTyl Ranma
  4. ikr well thank you i have some enegry now ^^, yay so whats new?

    hope you have a great weekend i need a break i had a really good nights rest btw ahhh sooo happy TTyl Ranma
  5. they delivered my meds today yea it's hard to funtion with out meh meds yea ik but, it's hard to deal with others sometimes i feel left out an not clicky with others too many mixed personallies ya know TTYL Ranma
  6. wow sounds like she had issues i understand what you r saying sorry my mines in fog 0_O yea call the pharmacy an they said they'd call meh dr so may call my caseworker agian an see what she can do *sigh*
    speaking of website probelms, fb is crazy man idk what to do i don't wanna leave just cause one paranoid person ya know ttyl Ranma take care bro
  7. why would age matter in a relationship? why does it have to matter? whatcha up to Ranma? me just relaxing etc nm else i was sick for a lil while yesterday i'm fine now still no word on my pych meds i ran out the othe? r day an i called ppl an still nothing must i wait? lolz TYYL Ranma
  8. what do mean 20 yrs or more? i just like younger guys not like 18 or 19 more like 29-30 yrs but younger ones r cuter i am woman i can't help it but i just need a tolerant person bipolar isn't real tolerable to "normies" Idk thou sorry you got hurt by that chick good thing ya didn't get too attached to her ay *HUgs TYYL Ranma
  9. why you depressed Ranma? *hugs* well for some ppl age is everything an so is having kids

    i had an experience on AO before i tried dating a guy here, an totally dumped me because of my age an lack of being able to have kids. he told age didn't matter, but he lied too hope you feel better i am doing alright an stuf just resting ttyl Ranma :3
  10. had a guy lie to me, sent his "harlot to tell me he didn't have the decency to tell me himself

    goes behind my back i thought he was my friend an bf but he lied an i met someone else an he's close to my age idk i seem to have trouble finding a good guy *sigh* i went shopping this morning an cashed my checks etc been watching Bleach on Saturdays etc TTYl Ranma good luck on the house work cya
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