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  1. oh okie Stan nice name i guess that's true

    but some ppl don't know no better even non-devolope mental ones so sup? nm with me just trying to stay sane Lolz ttyl Ranma/ Stan
  2. wow what was the agruement about? sounds like she was seeking attention weirther it good or negative

    sometimes ppl want an crave that attention, i knew someone in the day program, who seeked attention an used ppl to get what she didn't or couldn't have but she had a mental liness i never really liked her she came off as bossy an loud mouthed sorry for the late reply been nursing this ol' back of mine an fight with adoba flash player crap TTYL Ranma p.s what's your real name? Friends , Raven
  3. i do the best i can guess i frustrated too easy

    sucky how r you? ttyl Ranma
  4. no. just bi-polar an a.d.d about it =^.^= ttyl Ranma feelin kinda tired gonna try to get to bed b4

    5am gotta go into town early tomorrow
  5. yea hoader's is about O.C .D it''s gets pretty intense

    but like it i like fries too yum cya
  6. oh yum clams an oysters sounds yummy you like burn notice ay

    i like stuf on A&E Hoaders is starting a new season on the 13th i can't wait ttyl Ranma
  7. ah i see i am not into romance anime oh well so whats up?

    nm here. tv an making dinner etc TTYl Ranma
  8. cool does sound awsome that anime you mentioned Idk i am awfully picky about what anime i watch

    i tried watching darker then black, once boring crap sooooo i chose wisely now ttyl Ranma
  9. wow sounds ya wanna live up ay steak an eggs sounds awsome Yum :P

    oh ya like jackie chan movies? i mostly like anime an horror stuf etc

    true crime an supernatural shows TTYL Ranma
  10. whata want to do in Vegas? yea being night owl is cool i love watching stuf online
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