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  1. well a long time, i couldn't move the a/c cause it was heavy my case worker took it to a guy who had been homeless an just got place of his own finally so gave it away it was taking up too much space i am alright today kinda... i get frustrated with my computer
  2. hmmm i think Bleach is not dubbed over, i think they just do english voicing... idk

    yea relaxing is good. i feel sleepy today but had stuf to do today did laundry, an i finally got rid of a/c cause we ain't allowed to have one in my apt complex so vacummed behind the tv a bit an i cleared the cobwebs from my windows.
  3. i'm okie, i manage the best i can. i like Dub anime, i just perfer it
    i went out again today, it drizzled rain. yuck but did okie walking around now i can relax for the evening
  4. I did find good link, it's called wow anime keeps ya busy huh
    yea anime is awsome
  5. i just started watching deadman's wonderland, on adult swim toonami

    not bad so far ( no spoilers) Lolz i just watched that last Saturday, i didn't casshsins sins i watched online anime that night
  6. ah, but i am pretty sure Ichigo defeats Ulqiorria but oh well just gonna be surprised later

    anime ending r always unsure, but with all spoilers online an youtube, ain't hard to guess Lolz
  7. thanx an yea did enjoy it they still gotta finish the arrancar story arch but zanpokto rebellion is done

  8. what will be studying? i watched tv mostly an a new episode of bleach good stuf
  9. good luck getting to collage what univerity you wanna go to?
  10. thanx hon that makes me happy wow some bosses are tough ay no hard feelings

    Hugs back* :3
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