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  1. yea, i guess. could be i can't sleep too early, or i wake up too early

    the phone sometimes wakes me, ugh damn teleamarketers

    how ya doing Ranma? sorry for the late reply, been busy had alot on my mind cya again soon
  2. i only take meds at bed time. i go to bed whenever
    i n

    i was sad, because. someone screamed at me just because i told them i wasn't interested in seeing a pic he had an i was polite about it. he went blolistic idk why Hugs
  3. hi Ranma sorry for all these mix ups

    been a haroine day i have cried my self a blue river idk why i am soo sad i feel so rejected by fb idk why i let it get to me other then i am sensative :C cya soo Hugs
  4. yea does sound like a good idea. smart thinking

    maybe that could work for me, i've made rules before an ppl bitch ya out for it, like ya call em a name or something or said they mom is ugly or some crap heheh
  5. friend rules? i see. yea buses are cool, ya get there faster well some times ppl change or idk

    hang in there an yea no sense cryin over spilled milk ay Lolz
  6. nope, no sleep yet. i ride the transit bus to town, ah another chick friend go bye bye

    whatcha she do wrong? i hope sleep tonight, i missed me meds last night an it frickin hot here where i live *pant* well have good weekend
  7. well yesterday, i went into town to do things

    went to wal. woke up kinda early today -__- need sleeepppppp!!! lolz so whats new? Cya agian later
  8. k. an n.p i try to answer all questions

    well so far, i was up rather early, today about 10:30M weird even for me lolz XD so gonna head out today cya again soon Hugs
  9. you asked about my profile pic btw it's a eye with geass. sorry, i don't delete to hurt nobody

    i just wanna. :3 anyways gotta do some stuf tomorrow Cya again soon Hugs Ranma
  10. which one? idk what you mean? well some times friendships do last a long time, depending on how loyal the friendship is i would guess
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