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  1. yea,that's al ya can do
    i try to hang on

    but *sigh* the changin weather an all
    so whatcha up you to? me i am bored a bit but doing okie well cya again soon :3
  2. that's cars for ya, they work 50% of time

    but i am glad you made it to work. i am doing better now. just tryin to stay sane

    Cya again soon Ranma Friends, Raven.
  3. yea cramps suck the first few days

    i am doing good, got a late start today, cause i got unexpected large allowance check

    so goodthings.. an two four -clovers, i found yay
  4. yea indeed, good to know your okie
    don't worry about the late reply, ik your busy

    n,p i am okie, i have been in pain, cause of my cramps sucks too but anyways have a good resta the week Cya soon
  5. i always make good choses. but follow my own path.

    i do my own thang. well i do hope you feel better, i am okie now.. just tired etc

    weekdays r too long Weekends never seem to last long enough Well cya again Ranma Friends, Raven
  6. yea, i try hard to be truthful. thanx

    so why so down? i was having my manic moments today, sucks oh well i see you r a bit like me, not a real comformer ay i never comform not my cup o' tea hehehe lolz well catch again soon gotta buzz clip Your true blue bird, Raven
  7. i don't make plans, *sigh* let me honest k, see i don't go out an clubbing, shop for shoes, or visit anybody

    i'm sorry Ranma, but if lie, then i am dumb i have to say things like this.. cause i have anxiety about stuf

    how ya doing? i'm okie.. i just very tired, an cranky lolz well cya later
  8. uh yes i do live on my own

    have for about 3 yrs now. you got plans Fri? plans r good cya again soon
  9. i work there for about, uh 2 months i think.. i had that job while i was in Adult Foster Care

    sounds like your doing okie, i got bit frustrated the other day, but i'm okie now it was just a minor problem...
    no worries etc Well Take Care, Friends Raven
  10. i have worked at a shell gas station, i worked at place where they paid by the piece

    my weekend, was fair. nm going on right now

    thanx for answering i surprised i never saw a notification about your message wierd huh well cya Ranma
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