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  1. yea i met him on fb. he's nice

    i do have pic of him, i saved it to my computer. i think what i am good at is reading an drawing those r my strong points yea some subjects r hard, i perfer easy stuf cya soon Friends, Raven.
  2. yea me too. he seems nice. i read pretty good, i think i was good reader in school

    but math, spelling were my worst subjects. To ya later thanx again for being an understanding an kind person
  3. yea he's sweet about it

    i love him. he can be very passionate. we haven't gotten together for real yet, he's saving up to come an get me, so can move in with him. okie, well i just have a really bad memory, etc i was never good with math math is hard sometimes yea hehehe take care Ranma
  4. wow that's something, sorry to hear that.
    me an bf have been together, about idk a while

    not sure, cause my memory an math skills suck lolz take care Ranma Friends, Raven
  5. yea, with certain things

    such my anxiety an helping me with stuff. yea i've in the system sense i was 13-20 an almost my whole adult life. not easy erither i been through 7 adult foster care, 2 state hospitals etc i was in the hospital when i a teenager. 7 month's for a really stupid reason. ( not because i mental problems.) wasn't diaganous until later well cya tomorrow Ranma have good one :3
  6. i've seen psychiatrist's my whole life.

    i see a psychiatrist now, for my meds an other stuf. i am a mental health system.
    well there some fear i can over come, maybe it's best, i be who i am thanx for being concerned, it means alot but am who i am, an if you like me, i know i like me. :3 cya have great day talk to you soon
  7. yea have talk pychologist's before as overcoming my fears..

    what do you mean, be religous? even if i don't want to? i am good, been restin my back's mess right now.
    but other that been okie. how was your short away time? well take care Friends, Raven
  8. i guess it is. okie well hopefully talk ya Tuesday then

    i doing better, but when all my life i've told so many different things, it's hard to know whats the truth an whats lie.

    i did alot things back then to fit in with others an some how it never quite worked out having phobia's is hard thing to deal with when i fear so much that believe i could easyily die. i wanna live cause living without fear an enjoying the fun stuf is important ya know. i would never take my own life, i like life it's cool cya Ranma have good one Friends, Raven.
  9. yea i sleep good, my meds help

    sometimes i have hard time waking up. i don't to go to bed too early, cause then i don't sleep all night i sleep half until sometimes 12am or 1am but if go to later, i sleep longer yea i watch some online anime, but like both dvd's an online stuf i like to mix it up verity is the spice of life as they say lolz
  10. used to have a machine, but now that i live on my own i don't have to worry about much.

    my breathin is okie, i don't think my sleep apnea is fatal. what probelms don't i have? good question. i can walk, read, see etc. i have one dvd of ranma 1/2 i own a lota of dvd's etc. i buy them online, instead of a store :3 take care Ranma Friends , Raven
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