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  1. that's another thing, i also have sleep apena an i breath throu my mouth

    sometimes. takin a deep breath don't work for me. plus on top of that i have A.D.D lack of focus, etc

    yea you are good guy, i am just sensative etc an scare easy.. thanx for giving me chance to explain things better i really am glad cya Ranma P.S I have DVD of Ranma 1/2 anime i wanna see more it's funny
  2. no. i can't excerise, cause i have arthuritis in my lower back

    as for diet no nothing special except i am on a gluten free diet.

    other then that, i go out sometimes an do stuf. oh i see so you Dad has one too. thanx for understanding. an yea it's hard for lots of ppl who have emotional probelms your a nice kinda dude :3
  3. well my pills aren't magic. but yea take an anxiety med, but only when needed

    mental illness isn't something i can turn on an off. i can't help how i act. i wish it were different
    not everybody understands mental illness, i mean i ain't perfect an ain't never going to be. i do the best i can. i can only do what i can do. i cope the best i can. i am only being honest. i won't lie i know what i know but i understand your concern and it's okie :3 n.p an no worries
  4. yes i take meds for it, but at night only. i have alota of anxiety too

    am a nervous person sometimes. you r welcome n.p
  5. okie i won't freak out again but truthfully, i have bi-polar, it's form of depression

    i sometimes say things without knowing what i am doing. thanx for understanding an giving me another chance. i do apologise though. :3 i am not bad person, just very fearful an shy. -hugs- an again thank you.
  6. i do not prey anybody for love i ask questions because i have fears

    why can't you forgive me? i said i was sorry i am truly sorry
    asked about being a teen cause somtimes i am mistaken for a teen an i don't mind teen friends i have a lot of friends who care. try to care too i want your forgiveness i never ment all those awful things i said, i jumped the gun okie find it in your heart to forgive me
  7. i'm sorry i do have friends i am sorry i said what i said okie

    it was outta line. but do not prey on teens i am not a pedi! please accept my apologie okie i really i am sorry
  8. no that is not why! i do not prey on teens thank you
    how dare you. i ask those questions for better reason okie

    how could say that to me? i am not a loser i delete message for my own reasons i am afraid of bible-ppl okie i was abused! you jerk i apologise for what i said, i have mental probelms okie
  9. okie, well goodbye then

    i can't be your friend, your a bible-freak so please do not bother me anymore okie get lost an do not reply anymore go away an do not pray for me i bid you good day
  10. i guess U_U well what anime do you like? your not religious are you?

    i have strange phobia's etc. how old are you? is it okie that i am not a teen? i always help others. do like manga? an if so which one's? how long have you been on AO? whata are your goals? well write again soon. Peace.
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