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  1. yes it does. why?

    read what messages? nvm. so uh tell me more about yourself, if ya wanna. :3
  2. idk but all know is the 17 yr old seemed, "straved for love. not much else to say
  3. how's you know about the 17 yr old crushin on me?

    do know you on fb? no i have nothing to by deleting my messages, i just don't like cluttered profiles.
    but i like getting messages from nice ppl. but don't take all that the wrong way. i mean no disrespect at all,to anybody well talk to you later Ranma Peace.
  4. cause just do. whats wrong with deleting visitor messages?

    what did you find interesting? well take care.
  5. i see you visited my profile. find anything of interest?

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