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  1. well i haven't won anything, lately. i got paid today, going out tomorrow morning.

    it's hot again today, i may take break idk. ( from clawing for plush) but it's just so much fun well Ranma ttyl and have good a weekend
  2. oh ok lolz i am doing pretty good. hot outside it's in the 80's here in Mi

    :P whew* so how are you Ranma? well ttyl
  3. uh 6 plushies didn't win any Fri *sigh* did get meh shopping done. i got paid Fri Yay

    well ttyl Ranma have a good weekend an talk to you Tues *Hugs
  4. oh ok. ooie i like sherbert too yummmy thier used to be a grape sherbert, but allas, they no longer make that favor

    yea lolz i may just happen then i shall be the plushie queen! Lolz ;D well ttyl Ranma have an awsome weekend HUgs*
  5. wow you worked like a dog ay :P meh weekend was ok didn't win no plush, yesterday ( weds) when i did meh food shopping bummer, almost got a 3 in one thou. epic fail n.p, if u was busy i am gonna bid ya goodnight until the morning light ttyl Ranma
  6. no not really i think it was, an this is a guessmate, 12$ and free shipping that was the offer

    i just got my last order, from young claw player, a March B-day bash betty boop today. it's so cool and they r hard to win from what i have seen on Youtube well ttyl on Tues Ranma have a awsome weekend
  7. wow. i went to the corner , even thou i wanted wait, but i was running out food :P

    i bought a garfield plush, off a claw player, from Youtube and it's so cute ! it arrived today. well nm going on ttyl Ranma
  8. ah ok my weekend was eh pretty good. wow you musta worked alot well nm else to write just chillin

    Ttyl Ranma
  9. yup, they had some large colored teddy bears, an stuf well enjoy your weekend ttyl on Tues

    i am good. Take care Ranma
  10. yup yea, i think they did restock it i noticed some new stuf, in the claw machine.

    well nm, else going on. ttyl on Tues Ranma have a good weekend.
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