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  1. my day's ok went into town, early this morning. ate a fruit cup, while waiting for the bus

    went to wal-mart an dollar store. had Arbie's sandwich with curl fries. man i was hungry lolz
    won another plush in the claw machine, which was newly stocked well ttyl Ranma
  2. yup. now my sinus's r acting up :P yea ttyl on Tues hope you had a good easter
  3. o.O okay. lolz uh meh weekend was alright. had a brief computer glich, last night

    but it's fixed. ^^ meh cable co. called to let me know it was fixed. so i ended up just getting up an takin meh shower an relaxing well ttyl Ranma
  4. Thanx Ranma i will doing good now got meh Comodies for month

    food.! yay got meh meds too yay :P so ttyl Ranma Cya Tuesday have an awsome weekend
  5. uh just "winter blues" ya know the whole Bipolar thing. your welcome. i cook when i can

    i have made a lot stuf before made my own hoilday dinners before. no long cookin turkey. just a small dinner for one TTYl Ranma
  6. n.p yea, i do cook for myself. i have to yea get ya em plush lolz

    so cool well hope you had a good week, kinda dumps for me a bit, but it's gettin better ttyl Ranma
  7. well i sleep ok. uh some foods i cook an some r ready made

    i cook when i have energy i guess i am a champ at plush catching lolz well have awsome weekend ttyl Ranma
  8. i went food shopping today, won 2 plush in the claw machine. ikr, isn't too cold today, kinda mild

    a lil snow. been a long day, had to wake up, about 11:30am, to be ready by 12:30pm. so kinda sore in the da back today Well Ttyl Ranma
  9. oh cool, sounds like u had awsome time. i've been holed up, at home weather was nice for a while, now it's super cold etc.

    Won a total of 4 plush this yr in the claw machine. just received one i ordered from a guy today, a candy corn betty boop i love her! :3 also my Ufo catcher plush also arrived as well, it was a wicked lady plush, from sailor moon. well ttyl Ranma
  10. sorry for the late reply Ranma, haven't been able to get back here in a while

    yea they did . but i ended up going to visit meh friend at the mall that day, beings he only comes thro my city, every other month how have you been Ranma? i'm doing alright. ttyl bro =3
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