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  1. meh appointment never happened, for some reason they bumped ppl off the list. idk why
    my caseworker told me later.. i went into town today, did meh shopping an came home

    got up at 9am an came home around 3pm so it was good day. won a claw machine plush, a cute orange dog, ttyl Ranma have a good weekend =3 have fun watching Bleach
  2. cool the library. ii am feelin better now. took some sinsu pills. i am doing good, got a dr's appt tomorrow.

    snowy outside, was gonna go out, i was too tired, good thing i stayed in. =3 well ttyl Ranma.
  3. hey Ranma, sup i think i caught a cold :P i usually watch crane machine win vids, marble hornet's, creepypasta's, anime. so how are you ? well gonna rest up ttyl Ranma =3
  4. i'm good. just watching Youtube an restin my back.

    did meh food shopping Monday. pretty wore out. nm else going on at the moment. TTYl Ranma '-U-' =)
  5. ok you too. an talk you on Tues. my weekend is good

    TTYl Ranma =3
  6. i had trouble login in too wierd. oh i see i am alright just too tired idk why

    had 4 friend request on fb o.O whew* u_u ttyl Ranma, have a great weekend =3
  7. why do they do it? spam bot ppl it didn't seem funny,.. my weekend was alright just too tired an drained, no matter what i do or if sleep enough. starting to get anxietyish.. idk why just trying to stay sane.

    well ttyl Ranma. =3
  8. oh okay.. do know who erickas is? spam bot? is like robot? ik what spam is.

    yea ikr weird why do ppl spam the main forum? is for postin ad's? why can't they just get an ebay account or something? ttyl Ranma hopefully Tues =3
  9. hey Ranma sup something weird happened. someone spammed my Vm with an advertisment? wtf?

    idk why thou well ttyl have a awsome weekend =3
  10. awww *hugs* back* welcome back :3 my weekend was alright. watched a new Bleach episode

    whoooo hooo! ttyl Ranma
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