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  1. i see n.p my reply is late too i had trouble login back in here cause the web site was blocked or something.

    well i am doing good ttyl Kitty
  2. sorry for the late response and I've been busy cause of school ~ i swear its a total stresser for me right now Dx but I'm doing well overall ^.^ and resting sounds nice- i haven't gotten a full night of good sleep in a while xD
  3. i am doing good your welcome how you been? i have been resting etc

    Ttyl Kitty :3
  4. hi Vkitty sup, haven't heard from ya inwhile just thought i'd say hi an how are ya

    ^___^ TTYL
  5. you perfer sub an i perfer dub we have our own likes an dislikes

  6. well that's your perference i like Dub an it's my perference we all different different strokes for different folks ay
  7. yes i saw the english dub of Code Geass R1 an R2
  8. no i have not seen it online it doesn't exist any where i can wait for it to come on tv or online, i am not in a hurry

    please tell do not tell me what to watch so how are ya? i am glad we friends i hope you understand i am an adult and i have mental illness so i might say odd things an not mean to it isn't your fault i have problems to work on :3 cya again soon Hugs
  9. yea know about season 3 of code geass, but note it's not a sequal, its a side story

    but idk when it will be on adult swim ( which is where i saw code geass r1 an r2)
  10. you welcome :} yea Code Geass is awsome! thanx for stopping by

    Hope to chat more soon Have an Awsome day
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