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  1. LOL. I agree. Rigging your childs candy to "safety check" it would have been a good idea to "ensure" that you know what to "allow" them to eat.
  2. Make it two. I finally ate them last night then wanted more. :P I should have kept out more candy for myself.
  3. I give you another day before you eat it. I tried that one time with a reese. I lasted three hours
  4. lol. I just don't like candy as much these days. To much sugar messes me up. I have a Twix I'm saving but we'll see how long it is before I actually eat it.
  5. Bet you enjoyed it. No candy for you? Why not? Adults don't eat candy now? C'mon Arrianna, you have to at least eat a Hershey. MMM...chocolate
  6. Tiring... as can be told by how late I am on. But the kids had fun trick-or-treating and going to our annual party. Candy is always "appreciated" at that age. ^_^
  7. How was your halloween? Did you take your kids out trick-or-treating? I took my neice and nephew out and went to a party. Got candy. That's always nice. ^_^
  8. You are more then welcome. I'm glad it helped. Hold on to that courage.
  9. Hi Arrianna. I just want to say thanks for your personal ancedote on your family. It gives me courage. Thanks (((hugs)))
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