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  1. Look, what i said on rave's profile wasn't about you, it had nothing to do with you and quite frankly it was none of your business. Don't stick your nose were it don't belong.
  2. ......... I am not even going to do the math on that one.
    Whatever, enjoy yourself. Do whatever. Have fun with cyber lakes and LCD ponds.
  3. I dated him for two years... and yeah well.. I got me the best guy in the world. I said i've THOUGHT about it, not that I wanted to..
  4. Girl, please. Coming from someone who has known Rushil for over two years, you do NOT want to date him again. Trust me. But if you do, good luck

    God speed
  5. I'm not dating him...... doesn't mean i haven't thought about it... but i'm not dating him. and I know you and him aren't dating i was talking about him and that other girl.
  6. Jaime, Rushil and I are just friends. I don't like him at all. He is so egotistic, a flirtatious man-whore, and lives in Kangaroo paradise. I am SO not into Rsuhil. Please don't even let that thought grace your mind. You and Rushil are together. Please remember that. He and I are SOOOO over. Hell, we aren't even close to being friends like we used to. In fact, I can hardly stand him anymore.
  7. -sighs- Sadly I am.. I'm sick of it and right now, as long as people leave those I care about alone, i'm fine with whatever they say about me.

    As for everything else, It's going alright. You?
  8. sup gily girl. Still in drama?
    Wats been good with you?
  9. sup girly girl. I'm doing good. Haven't been on at all because shit else to do. It got boring here and all the drama is getting old amongst these immature members. How are you? You doing alrihgt?
  10. Hello, It's been a while since i've talked to you and just wanted to know if everything was going alright..
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