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  1. HEY!!! i missed you... i've been too busy trying to make my ubuntu os work... haha... can't really contact a lot of people online much... hope to hear a lot from you... ^^,

    i have a new gf just recently... that's the only new thing... and an exam 20 hours form now... hahahah!! ^^,

    and you? what's up!
  2. Missed u bud! Im addicted, cant help it! >.<
    INTERVENTION! *hugs* how r u?
  3. whoah... haha... now that is scary... haha... i'd be creeped out if that happened to me in a conversation... haha

    me? outta the glass??? no... right outta the carton!!! haha... i can actually consume an entire liter in less than 15 minutes... hahaha.... *gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

    you're leaving ao??? permanently? or just for now??? thanks for the contact info... i'll try to cantact you there sometime soon today... haha... was just passin by ao before my next class starts. ^^,
  4. I'm leaving AO hon

    email: [email protected]
    facebook: chanel west
    IM: [email protected]
    email (again): [email protected]
  5. I tired to analyze people I met before too. LOL. They looked at me funny because they kept saying things they didnt want to tell me. I'd turn a conversation about bread to, so, is your mom a whore? LOL.

    I was laughing. Milk irks me. I bet you drink it right when you have a hard day right outta the glass right?
  6. eeh?
    i love milk... haha... why hate it so much??? if you literally gag and throw up, then you may be lactose intolerant... but i looove milk... i don't know why... and yeah... looks like the fact that people generally hate milk goes the same for your place... haha... i thought it was only here.

    haha.. the irony of psyche... but i used to want to go to phyche... it's cool that you can interpret how people are thinking and how their brains work... just that it gets too creepy at times when you try to psychoanalyze everyone you meet...

    aw... boo... i don't have an msn... T_T
    i'm running on a linux os... is there an Im that's compatible with linux... haven't really searched... haha.
    hm... i'd have to agree... i hate their new profile... i loved the old one better... this is so annoying... and bland... whatta profile...
    yep... misswd you too... it's been quite boring without ao... just books and me... oi'm so glad i'm back... hahaha.
  7. NOOO! Milk? Like Cow...Milk? I cannot frinkl milk by itself. I have to either have it chocolate or with something sweet. Milk by itself makes me gag.

    I am taking psyche and its a bad ass course. so much shyt to remember and so many goddamn experiments I barely have to time to really THINK about what I just learnt. LOL.

    Man, its been crazy without you here man. Been bored out of my mind. They had a cute little profile thing that resembled myspace, but now they altered it to this boring-ass grey thing. I just started to come back and browse myself. I takl month long hiatus but I been gone for the longest of eight months. So glad you are back bud! *huggles* we should IM some time. I am on MSN more than on AO.
  8. haha... believe me... there are days when i just wanna sleep for 24 hours. ^^,
    but i seem to manage somehow... everytime i get info that there's no training, i SLEEP!!!
    haha... but believe me... milk works!!! it helps drain the fatigue out of me... and so does gatorade. haha. ^^,
    and i'm somehow afraid of going into a pool already...

    hmm... i wish you the best in entering college then... soon you'll be a part of my world... haha... but you have middle school... and we don't... you do have college too late in your life don't you? ^^,
    what course'll you take?? i'm in ece (electronics and communication engineering) ^^,
  9. my life has been decent. I go to shcool six days a week. regular classes onday thru friday, then I go to saturday aademy for college prep classes at the University Of Chicago. I get tired and I dont get to sleep in AT ALL.

    But you are up and running everyday! LOL. How do you do it. How do you keep your body moving and not tire out from exhuastion. You are a superhuman if you dont get the least bit fatigued.
  10. yeah... i'd have to agree... and poor me... i'm stuck in school 7 days a week. regular school mon-fri... then i have a special laboratory class every sat... and boy... i have varsity swim team training sundays... boohoo... i feel kinda sad... T_T

    but i like swimming... so i guess the sunday one's not that bad...

    i've been doing fine... how bout you? how's your love life going eh? *bilnk* *blink*
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