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  1. lol hey girl whats up? hows life treating youu? ^^
  2. nope, no dance class. I Crump and juke on the streets though.
    I footwork also but I am not so good at that one
  3. lol junior XD

    man make these last two yrs of yours rocking =]

    lol do you dance? like take a class?
  4. I'm a soph about to be a junior in 4 weeks!
  5. lol yeah school is alright as a freshman XD

    what grade are you in now? =]

    haha yeah i miss ao too ^^
  6. I been great. Hope school's going alright for you.

    Missed AO kind of sort of
  7. lol i know same XD

    its been real

    how about you?
  8. Hey fma! I havent talked to you in a LONG time. How's it going?
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