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  1. what is up my favorite emo person?
    Any thing going for halloween?
  2. lol sure they arnt younger ones seems the younger ones always like me its creepy lol
  3. attract pedophiles huh? I was thinking more along the lines of old ladies
  4. rofl that was so funny i would be a ugly stripper lol i'd only attract pedo's lol
  5. white chocolate huh? LOL. Thats funny. Its like a strippers name
  6. yup i really am lol i am gothic/emo as well so i am no pip tho this group keeps calling me white chocolate lol
  7. What is crackin? I haven't talked to you in a minute.
    Too white to be a pimp huh? For real?
  8. lol i have been in and out of it really and no i am too white to be a pimp i am goth hun i changed alot i dyed my hair black lol and i work out(i got abbs finally) i got just 1 and i dont plan on playing her at all tho girls hit on me alot.
  9. emokid...missed your emo pimp apperatus ass. LOL
    How u been lately? A new girl I should know about?
  10. hahahaha your so funny i am so not a internet pimp >.< so no picking on the emokid lol
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