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  1. I'm being processed in the marine Corps, I'm a be a Marine YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I been good. I have school and evrything going right now. U in college yet to be a police officer?
  3. hey watup? its good to hear from you in a long long time, how you been?
  4. hello, havent talked to you in a hot minute. Saying hello and waddaup
  5. WOOT!!!!!!

    C/O 2008 IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!

    *throws apples* GO C/O 2010!!
  6. your gonna be proud of me

    AM GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!!!!
  7. sup hellknight. How you been? how'a life?
    Cute pic btw~ ^_^~
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