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    Hope you rode him like a damn motorcycle. LOL.
    Let me stop. Congrats still. I am NOW OFFICIALLY A JUNIOR! WOOT!
  2. No lol I have a prom with the 08' seniors to go today lol. A sexy senior asked me to go
  3. A SENIOR!!!!! YOU SUCK! >.<
    I got one more year to go. I am a damn junior now. ****!

    LOL. Congrats chica! *throws confetti* Any dress ideas for prom?
  4. -hugs back- it has..hasn't it gurly? hehe I'm officially a senior at my school!! Woot!!
  5. Just wonderin. *hugs* Missed talking to you. It's been awhile
  6. Gurl lol I haven't been online so sorry about that. Why wouldn't I be talking to you?
  7. r u STILL not talking to me?
    *gives peace offering* I miss talking to you
  8. hey ^_^

    damn 50 character......grrr............
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