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  1. Hola love^^. No not really, I'm kinda sick right now. My throat hurts bad. So yeah, I tried drinking med but w/ It actually doesn't go away just helps control it.
  2. SUP CHICA!!!!!
    What's good with you? You been doing your diva thing
  3. Ah B00. y0U fUNNy!! He's just playing. And how you been girl?=]
    I missed you too^^.

    What you up too?
  4. Sup chica. How you been? Haven't sent you a holla in how long?
    BTW, That Zerosan9000 guy is hilarious. I think chica has a lover! OOOHH
  5. Nothing bored. l0l i havent slept and i cant go 2 sleep. grr. l0l what about u?
  6. so how you been girly? What's been going on wit you?
  7. Thanks. =]
    I kno. I hate that too. I dont like it. grr.... lol
  8. hey, I added you chica. YAY!

  9. [email protected] =]
  10. sup chica. I didn't get the request. Give me yours and we'll chat
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