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  1. I know ^_^
  2. Ha ha, my story is even worse, I was going to a friend house... She was just moving in and didn't have no food. So I was gonna fry some green tomatoes for her, with stuff from MY house. I needed an egg, so the flour would stick, and make 'em crispier. Why did I put the egg in my hoodie pocket? The same pocket as my damn camera! By the time I got to her crib, it was just a digital, egg fiasco.
  3. Yeah , thats me... gettin' silly with my cheap digital camera before I broke it.
  4. Thanks. He's really cute but he's a pain in the butt at night.
  5. Make it two. I finally ate them last night then wanted more. :P I should have kept out more candy for myself.
  6. More pissed at you than usual? I am not usually pissed at you! I thought we were cool! I wasn't really pissed at you anyway. My feelings were hurt, and I was frustrated. I just wanted you to understand where I was coming from. As It was, I could understand your initial reaction to those as*holes, and their threats\plot... I just wanted you to move past it. Hatred is unhealthy for you, or anybody else to harbor.

    And being this light, doesn't always make things easier. At least not that I can tell. My mother is white... true enough. But I don't really be around ANY of her family too often (they dont live in my state). I was raised around my fathers family (black side)... So that is what I associate myself with. They are the ONLY family I know. Not only that, but I grew up in a predominately black nieghborhood... so I'm kinda "hood". So I mean... I feel just as "black" as anybody elses who is black... Yet that is not what I am accepted as. I am rejected by my own culture (pretty often), because of the color od MY skin! Now THAT is a harsh thing to live through. It is one thing to be desriminated by someone you know is outside your race... But imagine how it would feel to be descriminated against , by your OWN PEOPLE! Its very hard, and it could be said, that I used to wiish my exterior matched my interior. I used to wish I was darker. But now, I've come to see that it isnt skin color that seperates people. Its awareness levels. Ignorant people exsist in every skin tone. And knowledge is truely the best way to unite.
    Real talk... You should see Alex Haley's Queen, That movie I mentioned starring Halle Barry. Alex Haley is the same man who made the movie Roots... Tell me you've seen Roots.... Y'know.. Kunta Kente? Well If you havent seen Roots then you gotta see em both. Queen and Roots.... They're long as hell. It'll take you a week to watch them both. ^^
  7. Yeah I remember you
    And thanks for the birthday wishes.
  8. Look, I understand you're goin' through some things, we all are. This is the most pivotal election of the year. And yeah, black folk should be worried for Obama and each other--what with all the attacks. But mixed or no, we're still black people and we need to stick together in this time. Because, this is OUR time! Whether he wins or loses, we should party, enjoy the fact that when things got tough, or when things got/get better, we stuck together. Don't let any situation make you take your aggression out on others. We're all one in the same after all. White, black, asian, etc. We're all human and we should embrace each other, regardless of differences in ethinicity.

    I accept your apology. All I ask is that you can try to understand that we're all equal. That's what our ancestors fought so hard. To be treated as equal, to prove to everyone that everyone is equal.
  9. I can't be on to solicit my Anaconda Plan always! Its too hot!
  10. It's alright. I've been there with myself too and know how it feels. I found what you said untrue and offencive, but I'm not above accepting an apology. It's no fun to be scared.
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