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  1. I envy you then. I want to go to college to bad.
    H.S sucks.
  2. Haha, just home, but because I go to college, it's vacation to me xD It's relaxing~
  3. vacation!? Where?
    I wish I was on vacation!

  4. I'm doing pretty good ^^
    I'm on vacation now, so that makes me happy~ ^o^ keke
  5. She wished me a happy birthday two months agao, but that's the last I heard from her. I miss her too.
    I'm doing great, yourself?
  6. Hello, how have you been? ^^
    Sheep? Aya-kun? Has she been on at all lately? I miss her
  7. I remember you.
    You were K'S friend and the one who was almost similar to sheep. Hi
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