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  1. I see. I think I will do more research on him, since I do have a question about the Soviet. How are you doing today? Anything good going on in your part of town? I'm just here in school six days out of the week to get ahead in college readiness. I'm so tired and exhausted. I slept only five hours. How about you?
  2. It is fine. People of capitalist nations have forgotten who this great man is. Vladimir Lenin was a Russian revolutionary who overthrew Czar Nicholas and instituted the Soviet government in Russia. You can try wikipedia if you want more details.
  3. Sure we can be friends. I would actually enjoy that.
    I am from America, Illinois, to be exact. And I know this might come off as a stupid question, but who is Lenin?
  4. No, I am not as handsome, LOL. That was Lenin, or rather an impersonator of him cavorting around Moscow. You are American, yes? Can we be friends?
  5. To avoid spam. AO is a very strict place. So, I heard you were from China. That is pretty cool. Is that you in your pictures?
  6. I am well. Why must it be 50 characters........................................ ..?
  7. Im r you?

    damn 50 character!!!!!!!!
  8. Hello... how do you do ?
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