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  1. I noticed. Gave you thanks in one of them. People are just haters. Gon' and brsuh your shoulders off peach, your doing well.
  2. Boy o boy, I have been hittin' up the Obama threads pretty hard. But it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere.
  3. how are you today ms. Peach peach?
    How the kids doing
  4. LOL. Digital camera and egg huh? Wow. Never heard of that one.
    But my phone story trumps that one. Listen to this. I was flat ironing my hair for my boyfriend/fiance/ whatever we are/ birthday party, and my song "on the ocean" by K Jon came on and I started dancing. I knocked my phone INTO the toilet. Worse part is, the toilet was bagged up, so it fell in Shyt and other kinds of crap. I was pissed and grossed out
  5. Ha ha, my story is even worse, I was going to a friend house... She was just moving in and didn't have no food. So I was gonna fry some green tomatoes for her, with stuff from MY house. I needed an egg, so the flour would stick, and make 'em crispier. Why did I put the egg in my hoodie pocket? The same pocket as my damn camera! By the time I got to her crib, it was just a digital, egg fiasco.
  6. mine broke as well. It fell in a jar of vaseline. I dropped it when putting on my halloween costume and it fell in my vaseline.
  7. Yeah , thats me... gettin' silly with my cheap digital camera before I broke it.
  8. BTW, lovely pictures in the avy. Is that you?
    darn 50 characters
  9. We Made It!!! We Did It!!!! Obama Is President!!!!!!!!!
  10. we are cool. I still consider you as one of my really good friends here on this forum. And I have seen roots and queen with Halle Berry. I understand how you feel and I am so sorry if I hurt you. You are a really good friend to me and the last thing I want to do is insult of make you feel bad because of your skin tone.
    BTW- I bought both of them on DVD at Wal-mart. I cried.
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