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  1. well am better than that day!
    hello unusual chick!....jijijiijiiijij
    how was your weekend?......mine was weird!
  2. Im on now dearest ^_^
    How you doing today? All well? Better experience on AO than yesterday I hope
  3. yea I had an encounter with a so called mod!.. I don't even know it name, because i don't care who the **** it was... anyway, I get bored easily too....
    well if you're online and me too.. lest talk and try to kill the time!
  4. yeah AO has changed over the years. They are strict and can be complete assholes (believe me my infractions and bannings do not lie). But you will come to like it eventually if tight knit structures are your thing. Well, WELCOME THEN ^_^

    I am rarely on but if u ever wanna talk Im here. I get bored easily. You should have came two years ago.
  5. well Is impolite to go without saying good bye...... SO GOOD BYE!
  6. good!
    well I find AO a little bit sloppy..... when i introduce myself I didn't felt really welcome here... little people said hi to me..... and there's the other thing.... when you're new on a forum, you feel like you need to prove something to all the mods or the
  7. yeah, I read everyone's comments. I am a nosey person. Sometimes they interest me, other times they do not. LOL. You do not talk much, just fine. ^_^ How do you like AO?
  8. hajhajhajahjahajhaj yea they
    so you where reading my friends comments eh?
    yea I know what you mean about the random and weird conversations....
    I love to talk about anything, and I want answers when I ask!
    yea I write too much.... tell me if I do!
  9. LOL. At least you are aware of your hotness. Thanks for the compliment. It was al I could think of at the time. How are you. Hope you dont mind me browsing through your profile but I thought you were another annoying newbie that makes useless conversation. No offense. Anyhoo, people ask u weird shyt
  10. hajahjahaj sorry about the
    thanks! for my pics..... yes I know am
    well this account was give it to me from a friend.....I don't know why he pic radeclew...
    but your nick is cool!
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