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  1. What the! I thought I replied to you!
    Uni sucks.
    What's up with you?
  2. hey u loser. I miss u. How is skool and all? Having fun being a university student?
  3. *huggles* missed you carebear. How you been down there in that continent where it does not snow. Hows life for you share-a-lot
  4. Hello carebear lover! How's sstuff?
  5. sup u loser. How have u been?
    damn 50 character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yo! You in India yet?
  7. I hate Indian weddings because they're so ****ing complicated. I only wear casual. I don't know about women, sorry.
  8. okay......I found one of her songs on youtube and I am like....O_o.....
    MKAY.......Right....IDK what they are saying but I am kinda likeing the beat.....Im confused. do I do with all this fabric?
  9. No you're not, you just don't know.
  10. nvm. Sooo.....she wants a song in a language that is in punjabi? OHHHHHHHHH
    Im a dumbasss
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